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Why Does "The Secrets of Hope" Exist?

Greetings everyone, this is Josh, and I'd like to shed some light on the origins of "The Secrets of Hope" and why it came into existence.

At its core, "The Secrets of Hope" began as a humble video game project, initially intended as a heartfelt tribute to my grandfather's courage and unwavering character during his battle with stage 4 lymphoma. The original plan was to create a short 30-minute to 1-hour game, which I would freely share on, allowing people to glimpse a portion of his legacy and perhaps find solace in witnessing how he faced the daunting challenge of cancer.

However, as the story started to unfold, so did the game itself. The protagonist gradually transformed from a representation of my grandfather to a relatable figure for anyone who has encountered a challenging diagnosis. We received numerous user submissions sharing personal stories, which we incorporated into the game as beautiful collectibles that encapsulated their struggles and offered words of inspiration. "The Secrets of Hope" evolved organically, now serving as a platform that highlights a difficult subject matter and presents it through the immersive medium of video games, all while paying homage to the man who initially inspired its creation. Ultimately, my goal is for this game to tell a story that some may find uncomfortable to hear. Yet, I aspire for it to resonate deeply, prompting introspection about one's own life and leaving a lasting impression.



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