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What a Week!

Wow! What a week. Fyrebite has been busy. The week of June 19th we:

  1. Participated in Steam Next Fest

  2. Started a Kickstarter Campaign

  3. Were interviewed by the local news.

  4. Participated in a local convention.

  5. And one of our Founders had a baby!

With all that excitement we are happy to announce great reception beyond what was expected. We nearly doubled our wishlists, have approximately 15k demo adds total, and saw traffic on all platforms dramatically jump up. With all of this, we are even more excited and humbled to note that the Kickstarter, which is a little over a week in, is 100% funded.

With our September 7th release date on the horizon, we have lots left to do. We plan on updating regularly through the website, but definitely check out the various social media platforms and Kickstarter to stay as up to date as possible. All links are available at the link below. Than

k you again for following and supporting our project. We look forward to talking more about our stretch goals on Kickstarter, and the impact they will make in providing accessibility to even more people!

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